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Ask someone what is on their bucket list and chances are they will name a dream vacation or two. Whether it is lounging on the beach in Aruba, hitting the slopes in Vail or strolling through Paris, with a Marriott Vacation Club timeshare, it is all possible. 

Along with more than 420,000 other families, we know that you are going to love ownership in Marriott Vacation Club. But rest assured that after years of terrific vacations in exotic locales, there may come a day when you decide to sell your Marriott timeshare

When you are ready to sell a Marriott Vacation Club timeshare, we’re ready to help. Our monthly subscription service is an industry first – an inexpensive way for you to advertise your timeshare for sale to the global marketplace of timeshare buyers looking for a great deal. Just click on the button on this page for more information about our pricing plans. 

Marriott Vacation Club – A Name You Trust For Vacations 

Marriott is a well-established and trusted name in travel. Ownership in a Marriott timeshare on the resale market makes a luxurious vacation affordable and gives you the freedom to visit a different place every year at a different time. Where traditional timeshares lock the individual into a specific place or time slot, Marriott Vacation Club has changed the rules. 

Even better, ownership in a Marriott timeshare allows access to some of the world’s most coveted destinations. Want an island vacation? Visit Hawaii, the Caribbean, or Phuket. Are you dreaming of Europe? Make your vacation getaway a trip to the southern beaches of Spain. 

If traveling virtually anywhere at any time is not enough reason for ownership, consider the ability to stay in luxurious resort accommodations with living space large enough for the entire family. All you have to do is unpack and enjoy your vacation of a lifetime.